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Types of Anatomy

Types of Anatomy is an editorial piece showcasing the arenas of human anatomy and typography in one book.


Layered pieces of printed transparent plastic lay on top of one another to not only create the body as a whole, but show the pieces of anatomy in regards to type, spelling out the title of the book.


This piece was finished with a laser-cut acrylic cover and bound by a coptic stitch with neon embroidery floss.

Project apART
anatomy book.png
Art & Science

A powerful combination.

Everyone knows a something about the body, but little about the letters they use to speak everyday. This book was created to help those who want to learn more about type do so in a familiar way.


Soft & Bold.

Mixing a soft typeface like Georgia and pairing it with bright illustrations and materials becomes a perfect paradox to what the book helps people learn.

Accepted in 2019 .

Exhibited at the Salt Lake AIGA 100 show, this book was on display for hundreds to view.


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