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The Interesting Project Design Thinking Campaign

In partnership with Heymitch Stevens at Standford's D. School, The Interesting Project was created as an experimental design thinking workshop hosted through Instagram.

These unique and interesting illustrations engaged the learner while the graphics and typesetting helped the learner understand design thinking principals to help solve a problem.

See the live instagram page here.

TIP paragraph
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Using the grid

How it works.

Taking a macro approach, learners can scroll through the page to learn how to use design thinking in their personal lives.

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Learning more.

Once on a post, the multi-image tool built into Instagram helps the learner understand more background to each step of the design process.

After reading.

The learner then is challenged for 42 days to use the steps given through the page to apply and solve a problem in their life.

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Community engagement.

The learner then takes the information, make their own instagram page and is highlighted at the top of the page so others can follow their design thinking journey.

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