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The "H" Chair

Created during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, The “H” was created for people who seek to transform their space from a “work-from-home” office to their very own relaxing escape within seconds.

The screw-less, glue-less furniture piece was designed with several intentions including cozying up on sofa made for two, diving into deep work on a large-scale standing desk or even to convert into its packed up, flat piece form and stored quickly if needed.

This work was made in collaboration with Haymitch St. Stephen and Jenny Bandley. In 2021, this piece was featured in the Salt Lake City AIGA 100 Show where it won the Copper Ingot award.

Nike Paragraph
Made for two

The sofa.

Spacious yet cozy, the "h" is designed to be shared.

The Pieces

Screw-less, glue-less.

Made from only 9 pieces, this furniture was designed to assemble and disassemble within moments.

Taking a stand.

Using the ergonomic handle, the "H" chair quickly converts into a standing desk.

The Transformation

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