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Granny Smith Apple Package

Theres nothing "granny" about it.

The Granny Smith Apple package was created for those who want to eat their apples on-the-go, but like to eat them sliced.

Sustainability and freshness were the key factors in engineering this unique design. Benefits in addition to this reusable, waterproof package include a place in the "core" of the apple to carry cheese, nut butters, or chocolate for the optimal snack.

Apple Paragaph
"The Horse in Motion"

Inspired by Eadweard Muybridge.

As seen in the gif above, the apple icon disappears as the package spins.


Open & enjoy.

When the informational "leaves" at the top of the package are lifted, the apple is accessible. The shape of the package resembles the floral shape seeds make when an apple is cut in half.

apple stacked edit.png
Stacked Apples

Perfect for display.

Easily stacked and ready for display for cafe's or kitchen counters.

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