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Daily Design Diary

548 posters. 548 days.

Throughout 2018 and 6 months of 2020, I took on a personal challenge to make a poster each day cryptically visualizing what had happened over the past 24 hours.


Exploring color, type, image and time management, this project was a successful experiment helping me explore what I could design in 20 minutes.


All of the design diaries can be found on Instagram @stephshotorbanidesign

daily design paragraph
Posters On Posters

Designing daily.

Constant creation led to training myself to think in a different way. It led me to ultimate happiness and an overwhelming feeling of achievement.


30 days of good.

After the success in 2018, I committed to another 6 months of constant creation, ending with 30 days of good news adding visuals to positive news from around the world.

Looking back.

This project was the inspiration for Project apART and sharing creativity constantly. I truly believe that all are creative and tapping into that creativity helps us become our best selves.

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